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Clutter Coordination By Courtney

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When your area is organized and de-cluttered you have no choice, but to examine your inner state- Marie Kondo

About Us

Why hire a Professional Organizer? Clutter is a stealer of joy and contentment. Your home and office should breathe happiness into your life.

Have you accumulated so much stuff that it has become overwhelming?

Well let us help. Clutter Coordination by Courtney is a professional organizing service. We offer a full organization and de-clutter service from your home to office. We go through years of your accumulated documents and clutter to create a manageable and spacious area. In addition we set up an organization system to create a productive and coordinated living and or work environment. Below is a list of our most popular services which are concluded with a free consultation to maintain each area. In addition we offer virtual organization services. Just schedule a virtual session or send us photos with a description of the problem area to receive recommendations for organizational products that meet your needs.

   What are the benefits of being organized?    

 Less stress  

Reduce financial stress  

Minimize personal conflicts  

Increase "me" time  

Have a healthier home  

Less decision fatigue  

More family time  

Higher concentration  

More time for things that matter

What to expect

1. You schedule a consultation.

2. We meet and discuss goals and develop a plan and assessment for the identified area. We schedule another meeting to complete the session.

        3. We come to your home or office to sort, purge, organize the identified area.

4. We schedule a maintenance plan.

Service Areas

Closet Management

Organizing your closet will make it easier to find what you are looking for and spending less time when deciding what to wear. This service consist of: 

  • Color coordinating your shoes by type and style . 
  • Folding and organizing jeans by color ad style.
  • Organize garments by season and color. 
  • Preparing unwanted garments for donation. 
  • Taking pictures of desires shoes and storing them in clear bins for easy access. (Optional)


Organizing your room will make you feel more calm and in control of your own life. This service consist of : 

  • Ensuring all furniture is neat, tidy, and as logically organized as the rest of the items in your room. 
  • Maximizing space underneath your bed. 
  • Organizing vanity or armoire to properly display colognes, perfumes, make-up.
  • Maximizing laundry area to save space with discreetly over the back of a door. 
  • Rearranging bedroom furniture in a practical way to maximize the total space available.

Kitchen and Pantry 

Organizing your kitchen will help you stop wasting food, making it easier to find what you need and avoid buying unnecessary replacements. This service consist of: 

  • Throwing out any expired food, separating remaining items into categories. 
  • Organizing soups, vegetables, baking goods and condiments. 
  • Assigning specific areas of your pantry and fridge to these categories and place similar items together in assigned areas.
  • Organizing food items with the ones closest to expiring in front. 
  • Organizing fruits and vegetables near eye level so you don't forget to eat them. 


Organizing your files will help you manage your space while creating a productive office environment and making your business run smoother. This service consist of:

  • Organizing client contact information, charts, files and rolodex’s.
  • Setting up a file system, creating an expense trackers. 
  • Shredding client documents, organizing emails and digital information. 
  • Creating Electronic Files: Going Paperless. 
  • Organizing and labeling files and creating a file index system.

Home Office

Organizing your documents will help you manage your space while creating a productive home environment. This service consist of: 

  • Setting up a home file management system, creating an expense tracker. 
  • Organizing tax documents and receipts. 
  • Shredding personal documents and junk mail. 
  • Organizing owner's manuals and warranties. 
  • Organizing school, medical/ financial records. 
  • Organizing paid bills, contact information, recipe and coupons. 
  • Organizing and labeling files and create home filing and index system. 
  • Organizing magazines, newspapers, catalogs and emails.
  • Creating Electronic Files: Going Paperless.
  • Scanning and organizing photos and artwork. 

Garage/Storage spaces

Organizing your garage will help you utilize the area, conquer clutter and be able to use the space to park your vehicle or storing more of your belongings. This service consist of: 

  • Organizing : toys, automotive parts, seasonal décor, camping equipment, luggage, sports equipment, hand tools, yard tools, recreational equipment misc items. 
  • Organizing items in preparation for donation or yard sale. 

We also provide services for downsizing, space planning, move- ins, personal shopping and donations.

Prices may vary based on assessment.

Confidentiality: ClutterCoordination By Courtney agrees to enter into a confidential relationship with respect to the disclosure of certain proprietary and confidential information. No identifying information or documentation will be removed from the home, office or property without consent.

 Additional fees: There will be a additional fee for any items purchase such as files, sorting files, organization equipment, shelves, hooks, space savers, tubberwear, documents holders, boxes, hangers, storage equipment, trash bags, shelf liner, hanging racks, bins, pegboard kits, wall mounts and organizers, partition boxes or any other organization products needed will be purchase at the clients expense. There will be a $5 charge for every 4ft shelve installed.


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